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At Navis Pack & Ship, we understand that customers want flexibility when it comes to their shipment. While one customer may prefer to have a full service pickup and inside white glove delivery, another may prefer to drop an item off at our location and have it shipped to the dock.
For this reason, Navis offers a variety of pickup and delivery options depending on your budget and scheduling needs. We can handle all aspects of the shipping process including pickup, packing, crating, declared value coverage and delivery for your domestic and international shipping needs.

Navis provides the following Pickup Services

  • Same day, next day or guaranteed pickup day available.
  • Standard, expedited or time guaranteed delivery options to meet your budget.
  • For your convenience, full service pickup in the U.S. and Canada, including pickup of your items from your office or home and safe transport back to our warehouse for packing and shipping.
  • Item drop-off at our Navis Pack & Ship location to save you money.




Navis provides the following Delivery Services


  • Full Inside Delivery for businesses, including unpacking and debris removal.
  • Business Delivery to the dock only.
  • Full White Glove Residential Delivery, including placement of items into your room of choice and complete debris removal of all packing materials, including heavy crates or pallets.
  • Residential Inside Delivery past the first threshold, typically a garage.
  • Curbside Delivery with Liftgate, enabling your shipment to be removed from the truck by the delivery driver for your convenience and the safety of your items.
  • Terminal Delivery, effectively delivering your items to the transportation carrier's nearest terminal for your personal pickup.
  • Door-to Door and Door-to-Port services available for your international shipping needs.

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